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“Flavio Kirilli” AKA


“The decks, the disks, the cd and other in the hands of a good dj, are good instruments, the important is to know how to use them in the best way! These elements can become for the dj, as for a good musician, a great orchestra. That’s why today also a dj can ride the classifications with the pieces realized, remixed and produced by him and because the youngs cram to one of his dj set as once only for a rock concert happened. The dj is the new star! Besides also Brian Eno had foretold this in the distant year 83 saying: ” the musician of the future will be the dj! ” A philosophy of life at the base of the profession of the dj always accompanied by a good musical taste, ear, humility and above all passion in these words it is picked the opinion of Flavio Kirilli aka FK Anyway.

Flavio, since from childhood, has been a lover of music and of what rotates around it; he starts to move his first footsteps when he was 16 buying the first console, then growing ,he continues his walk “putting disks” practically in the best clubs of the region.

In 2002 he decides to move definitively to Riccione where all the time there are the most important clubs of Italy. Here finally the dreams become reality, after having worked at the Echoes – Liz and to the Byblos and Pascià. For different years he works to one of the shops of disks more important of Italy, where he enriches his musical culture and strengthens his knowledge with the best exponents of the house panorama national and not only.

DJ from 21 years he has worked in hundreds of clubs in Italy and to the foreign countries, among the most meaningful: Matis (Bologna), Divinae Follie (Bisceglie – Ba), Kamaloca (Campobasso), Nafoura (Castellaneta Marina-Ta), Peter Pan (Riccione), Pick Up (Torino), Dna (Ginosa Marina – Ta), Miu’ J’adore (Marotta-An), Chalet delle Rose (Bologna), Des Alpes (Madonna di Campiglio – Tn), Vanilla (Siena), Villa Delle Rose (Riccione), The Door (New York – USA), NiteFlight (Leibnitz – Austria), Fiesta Club (Bruxelles – Belgio), Penthouse (Copenhagen – Denmark) and so many others.

He has worked with sacred monsters of the House Music, artists of world calibre with which he have had the pleasure to share both the professionalism and the friendship. “It is enough to look at them working to understand that from them there is always to learn ” he says with humility…
Between a dj set and another, with friends dj and musicians he moves in different recording studies where he is working at his new tracks.

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