NYC HOUSE RADIO has a unique way of reaching new customers and promoting your product music or service.

We can place your ad campaign into our Station Playlist for AirPlay, promote on Social Media and place ads via our website.

You can even promote your KICKSTARTER campaign or any other campaigns or foundation that you may be involved with.

The majority of our listeners (82%) are in the 18-65 age range.

Most of our listeners are extremely tech-savvy and very use to purchasing goods or services online.

NYC HOUSE RADIO is truly a  WORLDWIDE ONLINE RADIO BROADCAST and we can reach many places around the world placing your ads or promotion via demographic arrangement and time zone; done by our staff.



Station sponsorships are for Record Labels, Producers, DJs or Companies who are serious about brand building on NYC HOUSE RADIO.


Show Sponsorship – $80.00 per month. Build brand recognition by being a continuing sponsor of one of our regularly scheduled radio programs. Your sponsorship announcement is promoted before and after each show episode, promoting both your product or service and your radio and will be played at the beginning of each programmed hour for each program you sponsor.

Radio Advertisement – $80.00 per month. Includes 30 Second Spots at $1.00 per play. the ad will run once every two hours. You will need to provide us with your own pre-recorded ad. If you record it with back round music you must have rights to the music.

Minimum order $80.00


LEVEL 1 – $180.00 Per Month. Priority placement in all social media outlets. You get two plays per hour of your radio ad or your own music track around the clock for the month, we will add your banner or specified logo on the main page of our site. Your brand or service will also be mentioned on our social media for the complete month. Including, blogs and or forums.

LEVEL 2 – $125.00 Per Month. Broadcast your radio ad per hour for the month, plus your choice of a banner placement via our website for a complete month including, social media, blogs and or forums.

LIVE BROADCAST – We can also come out and LIVE BROADCAST your event and or venue. Including rotational promotion on NYC HOUSE RADIO leading up to your event. We can provide free giveaways and promotional tools. Please see email below for inquiring about this. Every situation is different and must be discussed prior to any commitments.

If you have any questions regarding the above information please contact us here we will get back to you promptly.